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Welcome to Thunder Ridge


Question:  Will the same college classes be offered at Thunder Ridge as at the other high schools?
Answer:  It is our intention to offer as many college and Advanced Placement classes as possible at all three high schools. If a school does not have an approved teacher in these courses we will work with the colleges and universities in an effort to get them approved. We also plan to have teachers travel from one school to another so as many students can have these opportunities as possible.

Question:  Will I be eligible to play sports if I open enroll at a different school?
Answer: Student athletes will be eligible to play varsity sports at their zoned school or at the school they began their high school if they are accepted back to that school on an open enrollment.  Students wishing to attend a school for which they are not zoned, or for which they did not start as a freshman, will need to submit a hardship request to the Idaho High School Activities Association or request to play sub-varsity only.

Question:  When will I know if my open enrollment application has been accepted?
Answer:  All open enrollment applications that were submitted by the February 1st deadline have been accepted or denied with emails sent out informing what decision was made.  All open enrollment applications that have been received since that deadline will be reviewed toward the end of May or start of June and will be considered based on class sizes in our core classes.

Question:  If I choose not to attend a school I have been accepted as an open enrollment applicant, can I still go to my zoned school?
Answer:  Yes, students are always allowed to attend their zoned school.  However, depending on when this decision is made it might affect athletic eligibility. 

Question: If I have one child attending a school on an open enrollment, will I also be able to have a younger child attend?
Answer:  We do what we can to allow siblings to attend the same school.  However, due to enrollment limitations this might not always be possible.  This will be an administrative decision at the school for which you are hoping to attend.

Question:  Will Thunder Ridge have athletic and fine art programs?
Answer:  Thunder Ridge will have all state approved athletic programs, dance, cheer, debate, choir, band, art, and drama.

Question:  Why are you using Zeus in your logo?  He is responsible for overthrowing the Titans.
Answer:  We do not have Zeus in our logo.  Recognizing that the representation is male, the image is not designed to be a specific Titan. It could be Prometheus, Coeus, or Cronus.  It is our intent to bring some of the strengths of the Titans into our building.  For example, Atlas is the Titan strength and endurance, we hope to have this down in our PE, gym, and sport areas.  Mnemosyne was the Titaness of speech and writing, this will fit in any area, but certainly in our English wing.  Prometheus was a Titan of striving toward scientific knowledge, a great fit for our science area.


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