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User Guide to How BOES Works

How much time is spent online?

     Time online is closely similar to the students grade level: very little for kindergartner, approximately 10% of time for 1st graders, 20% of time for 2nd graders, 30% for 3rd graders, and so on.  Calvert students have less time online and Verticy (Calvert's language arts/reading intervention program) students, even less.

How long is the school day?

     Required instructional hours, Idaho Code 33-512: by the State of Idaho:

  • (450 hours) Kindergarten: 2½ hours per day/ 12½ hours per week, approx.
  • (810 hours) Grades 1-3: 5 hours per day/ 25 hours per week, approx.
  • (900 hours) Grades 4-8: 5½ hours per day/ 27½ hours per week, approx.

In Idaho, online schools can count progress as full-time attendance.  Students must complete a week's expected progress each week to be considered full-time attended, as long as it is completed by the next Monday morning.

Is there expected progress?

     Average progress commitment is approximately 3% progress weekly (actual number of lessons varies by course, but core courses are typically 5 lessons per week). 

  • 3% average progress each week, over 36 weeks of the school year, taking in to account vacation days, will ensure on-time completion by the last day of May, which is BOES’s last day of access to Online School (OLS) coursework.

How much does it cost?

     Nothing!  It's free, public school.  All curriculum is provided.

Is a computer provided?

     A laptop or Chromebook is provided for each child. A computer misuse contract will be signed at the time it is checked out. If damage occurs we will need $100 to repair the equipment.

Is there an internet reimbursement?

  Families are required to provide their own reliable, internet access.  No reimbursement is offered from District 93.  Exceptions are available for students facing homelessness or unstable housing situations.

Is enrollment just for Bonneville School District 93?

     No, enrollment is open across the Snake River Valley.  An open-enrollment form admits the student to District 93 and into Bonneville Online Elementary School.

What if my student can go faster, in one subject or all subjects?

     Bonneville Online Elementary School is a mastery-based program.  Students are assigned courses based on individual levels.  For example, a 4th grader can be completing 5th grade math and remedial reading, as well as 6th grade science with a sibling.  

     If a student is able to complete courses more quickly, they will be advanced in that course, as long as there is a balance with progress in the other courses.  We want the curriculum to work for the students, not the students for the curriculum.  

What if my student needs more help?

     Teachers can provide additional tutoring or small group instruction.  Working regularly with the teacher through communication and shared student work and tests help teachers know if students need additional help.

What is the role of the parent/learning coach?

     Learning coach parents should plan on a setting aside enough time for a full-time effort to support a BOES student.  Students in grades K-3 require full-time, one-on-one support.  Students in grade 4-6 require full-time planning and support, but students can work independently, if able.  Students in grade 7-8 require planning and support by a learning coach; they are more independent and have a direct relationship with their Bonneville Online Elementary Teacher.  Parents of middle schoolers should complete this survey to help choose the right curriculum based on student ability and parent availability.  Please do not enroll your K-6 student if there is no adult at home to work with your student.

What is the role of the Bonneville Online teacher?

  • Overseeing progress in the Online School

  • Providing face-to-face or virtual supplemental instruction to support student learning

  • Develop and explain accommodations or modifications to the curriculum

  • Providing weekly face-to-face, engaging activities at Bonneville Online Elementary School, 2017 E. 49th North, Idaho Falls, 83401

  • Facilitating student interactions through these weekly, face-to-face activities that purposefully build character and interpersonal skills

  • Reviewing standardized assessment scores for on-track student growth

  • Conducting one parent-teacher conference each trimester

  • Providing support through a newsletter

  • Providing a report card at the end of each of three trimesters to ensure successful, on-time completion of curriculum at a pace and hourly progress rate that complies with state law. 

  • Collect and review work assignments and provide constructive feedback

  • Be available to BOS families 8:00 am – 4:00 pm, Monday-Friday, by phone, text, or email

  • Be the first point of contact for parents and students

  • Collaboratively develop Individual Learning Plans for students who are not working at the expected pace, for a variety reasons

What is the role of the Bonneville Online student?

  • Work daily in the Online School, completing all online and offline work required by the daily plan

  • Demonstrate full-time enrollment and attendance through attendance hours, logged progress, and work submitted to their BOS teacher in Math and English Language Arts (ELA) each trimester
  • Complete standardized testing


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