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Curriculum Choices

Last Updated: 4/29/2020 9:55 PM

2020-2021 Program Online Lions in Overture Learning- 


            OPTION A- Curriculum aligned to state standards

            OPTION B- Design your own curriculum


3. SHOW WHAT YOU KNOW- September, January, May Spring ISAT

  • *provide reimbursements for education expenses to orchestrate the ideal learning environment ($1700 per student on approved purchases/$850 for Kindergarten)
  • easy-to-use parent portal:submit portfolios, record attendance, track reimbursements and receive support
  • reimbursements to be used for curriculum, elective classes, and technology
  • freedom to develop a curriculum that works for your family
  • mentors work directly with your family to make sure students are meeting the grade level objectives
  • if you'd like to use the curriculum Accelerate, Overture can purchase that directly for you
  • access to our weekly BOES/Overture activities, field trips, intervention classes, district programs and testing
  • student assessment is based on a 3% progress in each class, each week
  • once per month submissions for language arts, math, science, social studies, and electives

*must enroll before the first week in October, to get full reimbursements ( Enrollment is now closed for the 19/20 school year)

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